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Anyone who has watched our Youtube shows or listened to our podcasts will be familiar with the intro "It's me the "Da 1 AJ" Anthony Jordan and me Nico Lurot".

But who are AJ and Nico & how did this Journey begin?

The simple answer is two guys with friendship that goes back to our school days in the in the late 90s and  share interests in many things, including films, superheroes, wrestling and video games, we spoke about those stuff when we first met and we haven't stopped since!! 

The funny thing is, the more we spoke about these things, the more we realised, two things : 

- Friends and family would always come to us as the "go to guys" when it came to these topics

- People loved getting involved anytime we would talk about these things.

And that's when it hit us, we aren't the only ones who share these passions and would be great to connect with as many people as possible to discuss these things and that is when the dudes were born!

But wait, there's more!!

Before the Silver Screen Dudes was officially created, we were/ are actually doing our individual projects​ in the media world, click the images below to see some of our other works.

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